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3D-Constructor - a program that allows you to create parametric models of cabinet furniture of any complexity. Based on the furniture model, you can create drawings, calculate the cost, create a specification, perform visualization, prepare control programs for CNC machines, exchange data with external applications.

The program allows:
- produce an automatic schedule of parts by sheets (taking into account the direction of the invoice), in order to minimize waste, and, if necessary, taking into account the content of the composition of standard sheets and useful waste;

- keep stock of standard sheets and balances, taking into account their materials;

- keep a database of details taking into account the direction of fibers, material and edge;

- to maintain databases of materials and edges; - to print cutting maps and statistics of decomposition;

- Save the database of furniture models; - work with databases of details of previous versions of the program and files of universal formats (with tab separators).

- set the parameters of useful waste for each material; - print out the database of details on the printer and transfer to the MS Excel spreadsheet editor;

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